My name is Yana (Iana) Okhotenko

  • musician/composer and public figure from Russia
  • co-founder of the non-profit organization called "JazzAid"
  • promoter of jazz music
  • organizer of events related to jazz culture
I have been making music since childhood. I played my first concert at the age of 17 for the Science Film Festival at Moscow State University. Since 2003 I have been creating electronic music. In 2007, I created my first musical group playing rock and roll and blues. In 2008, I got into the world of jazz dances, and in 2012 we created a jazz band, which over the years of its existence has performed in Ukraine, Belarus, Israel, Lithuania and Poland.

I created several more musical projects, including my solo project YANA FM and a creative project called MO / MB (Musica Omnia / Музыка Всё), which was invented by me and my friend. We started with blues music and then we began discovering different style as jazz and rock.

Since 2018, I have been doing dance and music events and competitions for jazz dancers, for example, the Russian Jazz Dance Championship. In 2019 we created the non-profit organization called JazzAid which helps people to get acquainted with jazz culture through music and dance and supports talented jazz people. Also in 2019, we received a grant and held the Moscow Jazz Summer festival.

I took part in the big band of the State Musical College of Variety and Jazz Art. In 2019, we took third place in the "Piano in Jazz" competition and opened a gala concert at the Gnessin School.

At the beginning of 2020, I gave an interview at the Public Chamber, where my friend and colleague and I talked about JazzAid.

In 2021 I published the book "Do the Superheroes Feel Lonely?".

Before the pandemic, I finished work on the script and arrangements for my musical "Rhythm Changes", but the pandemic suspended active work on it, and then in 2023 I moved to Paris.

Here I work with Gymnasium №1 where I give music lessons, and I also teach vocals and piano. I play gigs in Paris with my own music and jazz gig with local saxophone player with whom it's very interesting to discover total improvisation
My jazz gigs
The Facepalmers ft. Naomi Uyama (USA)
Misha'n'Yana & Co Orchestra
Misha'n'Yana & Co Orchestra
Misha'n'Yana & Co Orchestra
My projects
My dance project where people can learn the basics of lindy hop and jazz music
Dancing with the Stars
In 2016 I took part in the TV show "Dancing with the Stars" as a choreographer, and Nelly and Evgeny won that round.

They performed charleston to the "Crazy In Love" remix
Nelly Uvarova & Evgeny Rayev - Charleston
Musica Omnia / Музыка Всё
Part of our show dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of Woodstock in the famous Moscow rock club "16 Tons"
in 2021 i published a book "do the superheroes feel lonely?"

This book is LIKE a Facebook post for a Spotify playlist. We wander along the path of life, and unexpected encounters bring new colors to our lives and new mysteries that are difficult to unravel. This superhero story is a rendering of MEUTE's "You & Me", with the final scenes written to Duke Ellington ("Fontainebleau Forest") and Miles Davis ("In a Silent Way"). The story tells us that even if we are too different for this world, there is someone who will help us to be ourselves

Some of my diplomas